IntroductionThe History of the 103rd Regiment
of the 26th Division of the U.S. Army
during World War I
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.British .0.11.Q., on October 20, 1918, made public the following extract from a confidential document captured from the Nineteenth German Army: "The Twenty-Sixth American Division is a fighting division which has proven its qualities in battles on various parts of the front:"
• The 26th Division is officially known as the "Yankee Division." Distinctive insignia worn on left sleeve of uniform by authority of C. 0. No. 33, Hq. 1st Army, American KR, "Monogram YD on dark blue on diamond-shaped field of olive drab."

Citation of First Man Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor in the 26th Division as Follows: Private First-Class C maim Diumy (Deceased), Company ."11," 103rd Infantry. • • For conspicuous gallantry and jut windily above and beyond the call of duty in action witli the enemy on 18 July, 1918, near Belleau, France. After his platoon had gained its objective along a railroad embankinent, Private DILBOY, accompanying his platoon leader to 'reconnoiter the ground beyond, was suddenly fired upon by an 'enemy machine gun from one hundred yards. From a:standing position on the railroad track; fully exposed to vidw, he opened fire at once, but failing to silence the gun rushed forward with his bayonet fixed, through a wheat field towards the gun emplaCement, falling within twenty-five yards of the gun with his right' leg nearly severed above the knee, and with several bullet holes in his body. : With undaunted courage, lie -continued to fire into the emplacement from a prone position, killing two of the enemy and dis persing the rest of the crew.. • Next of kin: Antone Dilboy (father), General-Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts. Seem!, Section, General Staff, Mk Division., America.n.E. F. HEADQUARTERS, 103RD U. S. INFANTRY, 12 April, 1919.

1. The following is a list of officers and enlisted men who were awarded dec¬orations:
Medal of Honor
George DilboyH
Distinguished Service Cross
Major William E. Southard . Jan. 31, 19193167
1st Lieut. Robert 0. Blood ... Sept. 29, 1918702
1st Lieut. William H. Jutras . Nov. 6, 1918No record
2nd Lieut. Charles E. H. Bates Feb. 12, 19193246
2nd Lieut. Eliot A. Carter. Dec. 28, 19182537
2nd Lieut. Harry M. Noel. Sept. 27, 1918No record
Sgt. Ralph F. Alberts Hdqrs. Feb. 12, 19193257
Sgt. Charles H. Barton L Nov. 30, 19181385
Sgt. Albert C. Brackett D Nov. 6, 1918977
Sgt. James S. Butler C Dec. 28, 19182576
Sgt. John T. Diggins D Nov. 6, 1918975
Sgt. Albert W. Klick H Dec. 28, 19182541
Sgt. William H. Nourse Nov. 30, 19181374
Cpl. James E. Brown M Nov. 30, 19181379
Cpl. Odilon Custeau C Sept. 27, 1918710
Cpl. Eddie Carey H Dec. 28, 19182556
Cpl. Candide Duma.s H Dee. 28, 19182558
Cpl. Ernest A. S. Harrington F Dec. 28, 19182551
Cpl. Harry M. Nightingale F Dec. 28, 1918No record
Cpl. Walter P. Thornhill H Dec. 28, 19182549
Cpl. Walter Wiechman P Nov. 6, 1918984
Cpl. Jessee Winslow H Dec. 28, 19182550
Mech. Ralph T. Moan K Nov. 6, 19181003
Mech. Joseph A. Thibodeau . L Sept. 27, 1918717
Pvt. 1st Cl. Henry A. Lint Dec. 28, 1918No record
Pvt, Charles Cl. Brownville Med. Det. Sept. 29, 1918695
Pvt. Abraham Cohen At t. san Troop Dec. 28, 19182577
Pvt. Leon Cushion D Nov. 6, 1918No record
Pvt. Eugene Dubie C Nov. 30, 19181378
Pvt. Ivan Grindle 1:1 Nov. 6, 1918991 .
Pvt. Elmer H. Lindie F Dec. 28, 19182.554
Pvt. Edward McNeib B Sept. 27, 1918798
Pvt. Ralph Moyer Feb. 12, 19193251
Pvt. Lester Palmer. F Dec. 28, 19182545
Pvt. Arthur Paradis B Feb. 12, 19193243
Pvt. Robert A. Rhodes M Sept. 29, 1918694
Pvt. Floy J. Tibetts F Dec. 28, 19182544
Pvt. Anthony J.9Weiss D Nov. 6, 1918No record
Pvt. Albert S. Ingold TI Dec. 28, 1918256G

Croix de Guerre
2nd Lieut. Charles C. H. Bates Pvt. Earl HolbrookHdqrs.
Sgt. John P. Diggins DCapt. Irvin E. DoaneL
Sgt. Albert C. Brackett DCapt. Roger WilliamsI
Cpl. Walter Weichman DPvt. Henry DuplissesD
Pvt. Ivan Grindle DPvt. Arthur ParadisB
Pvt. Martin Waitikus DCapt. James ErlenbachMed.
Pvt. Clement Carroll LCapt. Reuel Pierce Med.
Lieut. Clinton Pickering. ICharles KelleyI

Summary of Deaths in 103rd Infantry while in France
Total number from all causes 392
Enlisted men 379
Officers 13
Died from disease 18
From accident 3
Killed in action or died.from wounds 371

Principal Actions Causing Major Casualties
Gas attack May 10, 1918 . . 19
Xivray Raid June 16, 1918 . . 28
Chitteau-Thierry operation July 1918 . 168
St. Mihiel September 12, 1918 . 22
Riaville Raid September 26, 1918 . . 13
Meuse-Argonne November 1918 . 58

Co. Co. Co. Co.
Deaths from' all Cause's by Companies
A* 21M. Gun11H27L24
B . 35E 50Hdqrs.5 M28
C 42F 31I29Supply0
D 40G 27K22
Total Wounded or Gassed in Regiment
29 Officers
1960 Enlisted men

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