Introduction The History of the 103rd Regiment
of the 26th Division of the U.S. Army
during World War I
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ORGANIZED on August 22, 1917, in Boston, Massachusetts, from units of National Guard troops of the New England States and a quota of National Army troops frozn Camp Devens, Massachusetts.
Trained at the following places:
DIVISION Headquarters ....,.,.... Boston, Mass.
HEADQUARTERS Troops ....., . . . Boston, Mass.
101st Field Signal Battalion ..,. . . Boston, Mass.
HDQRS. 51st INFANTRY Battalion . . ..., Framingham, Mass.
101st INFANTRY ....,.. . . , , Framingham, Mass.
102ND INFANTRY ..........,... New Haven, Conn.
102nd MACHINE-GUN BATTALION ...... Framingham, Mass.
HDQRS. 52ND INFANTRY BR1oAn1·: , . , . . Westfield, Mass.
103Rn INFANTRY. ..., . ...,.., \VestHeld, Mass.
104*rn INFANTRY .......,. . . . . VVesti·ield. Mass.
103RD MAci»mQuonset Point, R. I.
101st MAci·i1N1:—GuN BATTALION .....,. Niantie, Conn.

General Ofiicers Commanding the Divisions while in the States
Division Commander . . . . Major General CLARnNen R. EnwARns,
51st Inf. Brigade ...,,. Brig. General PETER E. TRAuB,
52nd Inf. Brigade ..... Brig. General Ci-nxanns H. Conn,
51st F. A. Brigade ...,. Brig. General Wu.1.1iu».i L. LAssir1zR.

General Ofiieers Commanding the Division in France
Division Cammumlers: Major General Ci.ARi~:No1-1 R. l£nWARDs., (Until October 25, 1918) Brig. General FRANK E. Brxmronn, Major General HARRY C. HAi.n, (Now Commanding)
51st ln]. Brigade: Brig. General PETER E. TRAUR, Brig. General Gnonen H. Si·ini.*rox, (Now Commanding) Brig. General L. L. Drinrrzr;.
5zml IM`. Brigodr: Brig. General (`fuARLRs ll. Coma, (Now (Ionniianding) Brig. General Giaoauu H. Snnirrox. Jlsl F. A. 1frv`gmI¢·: Brig. General W1m.iA1»i L. LAss1rnR, Brig. General Dwmi-rr F. Ai,urMAN, Brig. General PEi.HAsi D. Gmssronn, (Now l`ommanrling)
First troops sailed from Hoboken, N. J. on September 7, 1917, and landed at St. Naza,ire, France, on September 21, 1917.
The division remained in Training Area, with Headquarters at Neufchateau, for about four months, during which time details of troops were engaged constructing hospitals, building telephone lines, acting as labor detachments, assisting in organizing sections of the Service of Supplies, and otherwise making preparaions for the Army which began to arrive after January 1, 1918.

Successive Periods in Line on the Western Front
Date of EntryPlace Sector Date Withdrawn
Feb. 6, 1918 North of Soissons "Chemin des (Brigaded with French) Dames" March 21, 1918.
April 3, 1918 North of Toul "La Reine" and "Boucq" J June 28, 1918.
July 10, 1918 Château-Thierry "Pas Fini" July 25, 1918.
Sept. 8, 1918 St. Mihiel Salient "Rupt" and "Troyon" Oct. 8, 1918.
Oct. 18, 1918 North of Verdun "Neptune" Nov. 14, 1918.

Aggregate Time in Line-7 Months or 210 Days
NOTE: " Date of Entry" and 'Date Withdrawn," as used above, are the dates on which the command passed to or from the 26th Division. This table does not in reality show the exact time which all units of this division served in line. There were several instances where regiments and brigaders entered the line several days in advance of the passing of command to the division. Also, during the nine months' service from February 6, 1918. the division spent only ten days in a rest area (just prior to the St. Mihiel Offensive), the balance of the time consumed in moving from one sector to another, or in support position awaiting entry into line.

Prisoners Captured by the 26th Division
Officers, 61; other ranks, 3,088; total, 3,149
Among German Material Captured were the Following
31 pieces Field Artillery
23 pieces Trench Artillery
163 light and heavy machine guns 830 rifles

Casualties of the 26th Division in Battle
Officers Men Total
Wounded severely 100 3,524 3,624
Wounded slightly 111 2,708 2,819
Gassed 113 3,250 3,363
Missing 10 273 283
Prisoners 9 127 136
Totals 421 11,534 11,955

Enemy Territory Taken in Battle
Offensive DateDepth
Aisne-Marne July 18-25, 191817.5 kilometers
St. Mihiel September 12-13, 191814.0 kilometers
Meuse-Argonne October 1S–November 11, 19185.5 kilometers
Total depth of advance 37.0 kilometers

The 51st Field Artillery Brigade (Divisional Artillery) operated with the 26th Division during all activities. Following relief of division in Aisne and Marne Offensive on July 25, the brigade operated with the 29th, 42nd, and 4th Divisions until relieved on August 4.
Important Features of Line in Several Sectors Held
a. The Chemin des Dames
h. Fort de. Malmaison
c. Chavignon Valley
d. Laffaux Valley
e. Pinon Woods
f. Cheval Mort Hill
g. Aisne River
h. Rouge-Maison (Cave)
1. Rochefort (Cave)

a. Montsec
b. Bois Bride (Apremont Woods)
c. Seicheprey (Remiere Woods and Jouy
d. Xivray-Marvoision
e. Dead Man's Curve

a. Bois Belleu
b. Hill 190
c. Boureshes Railway Station
d. Trugny Woods
d. Xivray-Marvoisin
e. Dead Man's Curve
e. Epieds
f. Vesle River (Artillery Brigade)
g. Vaux

a. Les Eparges
b. Vigneulles
c. Hattonclultel
d. Dommartin
e. Bois de St. Remyz

a. Marcheville
b. Bois Belleu
c. Hill 360
d. Bois d'Ormont
e. Bois d'Haumont
f. Bois d'Etrayes
g. Les Houppy Bois Ii. La Wavrille
i. Bois de Ville-devant-Chaumont
j. Cote-de-Talon

Other Interesting History of Ihe 26[11 Division
The first American unit organized as a division in the United States and transported complete to France.
While in the La Reim and Boucq Sector, north of Toul, the 26th Division engaged in the first two battles in which the Americans fought without the support of French infantry.
The 104th Infantry (formerly 2nd, 6th, and 8th Massachusetts Infantry), after the battle in the Bois l3rule at Apremont, was cited in G.O. No. 737 A, Hdqrs., 32nd Army Corps (French), April 26, 1918, and had its colors decorated with the Croix de Guerre. The 104th Infantry is the only American regiment in the United States Army to have its colors decorated by a foreign government.

The Division has been Cited in American and French Orders and Commended in Letters and Service Memorandum as Follows Cited in (;..(). No. 7, Hq. 11th Army Corps (French), March 15, 1918. Cited (104th Inf.), in G.O. No, 737 A Hq. 32nd Army Corps (French), April 26,
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