IntroductionThe History of the 103rd Regiment
of the 26th Division of the U.S. Army
during World War I
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Name Rank Company Date af Death Cu./use Home Address Winslow, Arthur E .... Pvt. F June 16, ’l8 Killed by shell {ire Rockland, Me. \Veld, Verne H. ...,. Cpl. I\I Sept. 24, ’ 18 Killed by shell fire Canaan, N. H. WVillett, Charles ..... Cpl. II Sept. 15, ’1S Died from wounds Clinton, Me. Welsh, George H ..... Pvt. H Oct. 27, '18 Killed by shell iire Unknown \V0ngr0wski, l<`1·anlc . . . Pvt. H July 19, ’ IS Killed by shell fire Unknown \Vorth, Charles . . . Pvt. I Nov. ll), ’1S Killed by M.G. fire 634 Bedl"<>r
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